Saving A Level Archaeology is Possible and Necessary

Dr Mike Nevell being excellent and on point as always!


dgm-12-etherstone-hall-march Sarah Cattell of Salford University showing sixth-formers the basics of levelling at Etherstone Hall, Wigan, in 2012 – part of the Dig Greater Manchester community archaeology project.

Next Wednesday morning (14 December 2016) at 11am, there will be a Westminster Hall debate in Parliament on the future of the Archaeology A Level (see

The debate has been secured by the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Archaeology Group, Tim Loughton MP, and at the end of the half-hour debate a Government Minister will be expected to respond.

It is important to encourage as many MPs as possible to attend the debate and speak, in order to show widespread support for the subject and the future of the A Level. Write, email, tweet – whatever is the easiest and most comfortable way to contact your democratic representative (see my recent blog ‘A Burning Issue’ for links on how to do this).

It seems very strange…

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