30 Games in 30 Days: Day 7

Another game we’ve been playing a lot recently: World of Warcraft (the latest edition).

After spouting the virtues of WoW for a number of years, Russ and I eventually spent a great deal of time playing previous expansions of this game on free servers and I learnt all about how the various expansions have changed player consumption.

In this MMORPG you are either with the Alliance or the Horde, waging a war against one another that has been going on since the first game, and you can choose from a number of races in each faction. Unlike ESO the graphics of WoW have not changed substantially since its first release, they’re a bit brighter but otherwise the same and the murlocs still make that wougugwaougl sound.You may have seen the Warcraft movie which was released earlier this year, and although it wasn’t brilliant it gives some sense of the lore on which the player’s experience is built. In fact, the lore of WoW is so vast, and there are hundreds of videos available on Youtube so I’ll leave you to research that for yourself if you’re interested.

Anyway, the quests tend to have you delivering mail, killing things and retrieving artefacts as in any traditional fantasy story and in some versions of WoW this is extremely difficult without the help of other players. For example, Burning Crusades – is probably one of the most punishing expansions of the WoW franchise, and I found that tackling more than one mob at a time right out of the starting area as a human knight nigh on impossible. This is made more difficult because they have such an enormous aggro radius (how far you can be from a mob before it notices you and attacks). In the later expansions these aspects have been severely reduced, which to some extent makes the game more accessible but also significantly reduces the challenge, and frankly the skill needed to play the game – which has taken some of the fun out of it for me…

In the latest expansion these issues are still in force, and we’re speeding through quests and levels faster than you can shake a stick at and although its fun, it’s just not the same so we probably won’t be paying a subscription beyond the month of game time that we’ve purchased. It’s a little disappointing and makes me feel the game would benefit from a mechanic that allowed you to change the difficulty level/spawn rate depending on your preferences – not sure how that would work phasing wise for multiple players across the same instances though. Lots of food for thought here, and frankly plenty that has been discussed at length by much better writers than me.

Overall Rating: 3/5


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