30 Games in 30 Days: Day 5

Today’s game is the one that made me pursue PC gaming to a probably unhealthy level.


Skyrim is a bloody amazing game: On my boyfriend’s account I notched up 200 hours, on my own account my original copy of the game stands at 196 hours, and the newly released special edition only a paltry 19 hours but that will almost certainly be rectified. Do bear in mind that is over 400 hours but that is over a 5 year time period since the game was first released.

So what is it and why does everyone love it? If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Skyrim then, well firstly shame on you!, and secondly Skyrim is universally adored for a multiplicity of reasons including an immense environment that only legendary players have ever fully explored, a series of storylines that engage and change the fate of the world around you and not to mention the stunning graphics and soundtrack that accompany these stories.

Skyrim is a single person RPG, where your character narrowly escaping a totally uncalled for beheading is set upon by a dragon, releasing you from one grizzly fate into another much more scorchy one. You manage to escape from the dragon with the help of a soldier and flee to the nearest town. At this point, you start to pick up quests, gain experience and encounter your everyday NPCs. You also discover that the return of the dragons is essentially an indicator of the end times and that as you have the power to absorb dragon souls (Dragonborn) you are the only person who can defeat the dragons once and for all.

There is very very little I dislike about Skyrim. I found some of the homebuilding quests a little buggy in the Hearthfire expansion and my obsession with completeness often leads to becoming overburdened because I must keep all the things. Yes sometimes grinding away at the same types of mobs, especially Dragur, gets boring and after this many years, there’s really only so many times I want to complete the starter quests. I’d like an option where you could start at level 25 (so mid game in the base game) having mostly completed the main storyline, or even with an option to skip particular quests and move straight on to the next bit you want to explore/remember.

But that’s basically it. The sheer vastness of the world means that you constantly encounter new things (I found a tower and the edge of the map yesterday which I’d never seen before which was extremely cool), and the expansions – I’ve been saving the Dawnguard storyline – means that you have to put in a solid amount of work to ever run out of things to do. It’s also frankly, beautiful. I’m honestly hard pushed to think of another game which features the same quality and ethereal-ness in the entire environment. Even when I get sick of playing Skyrim I know I’ll come back to it. It has endless lore attached to it – you could spend an entire day reading all the books you collect and not run out – and you can build on this knowledge by going back and playing Oblivion or Morrowind.

Seriously Skyrim is the bomb so go on and get playing!

5/5 Enough said.


One thought on “30 Games in 30 Days: Day 5

  1. Have you seen the Live Another Life mod? It’s a great way to start a new playthrough without the tedious cart ride and Helgen sequence. It (and other similar alternate start mods) lets you choose a different back-story and arrive in Skyrim as, say, a traveller staying at an inn, or someone who has just inherited a patch of land, or someone arriving in one of the cities for a festival, etc. It does still start you at level 1 but it makes new games much more interesting 🙂


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