30 Games in 30 Days: Day Three

If you haven’t played any of the Far Cry series before, Far Cry Primal is at least a slightly more unique take on their story based 3D shooters with RPG elements (I’m still not really equipped with the right vocabulary for this gig). In Far Cry Primal your community has been decimated by famine, ecological change and violence from other groups of humans and when you become separated from your tribe you must do everything you can to build a community to face off against the Udam (Neanderthals) and Izlia (agriculturalists). Unlike previous Far Cry games, your weapons are limited to the kinds you might find in prehistoric societies of this era such as spears, bows and arrows and stone axes and these must be crafted along with bombs, poisons and upgrades to your supplies.

I’ve taken quite an interest in prehistory and though some elements of this game are fantastic for example, presenting a more human face to multiple communities and species of the human lineage I was so disappointed by this game on many levels. Like other Far Cry games, in between the storied episodes actions and quests become repetitive extremely quickly, and frankly boring. Randomly spawning minor events occur with such frequency that I’ve found it distracting and often an impediment to progressing within the game. I expected a lot more, but it’s essentially a cut and paste job with different graphics and a reworked story.

Overall, tremendously disappointing. 2/5


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