Putting it out there…

Speaking to some friends recently they said I should use my blog as a way to get noticed, either for my writing or for my archaeological interests. However I can’t imagine that anyone would be particularly interested in what I have to say, and it’s really quite difficult to come up with ideas for what to write. Russ says that this particular skill – “self-starting” – is more important than the product itself. Now I am courseless and jobless (though I am applying for a variety of positions) I should take this opportunity to really get to grips with writing for an internet audience…

If anyone does happen to read this, by the way, I’d be extremely grateful for some ideas for what to write about…

My bright idea was just to try to write anything, pick a topic, research it, write about it and do that for the whole of November. Bright, but also seriously not thought through…
So after talking through it with Russ he’s suggested I write a video game review a day. I own enough of them and have probably played them for long enough that I can do this. At least this way I practice writing, critiquing and learn a little bit more about these games in the process. It also gives me something valuable to do with my time whilst I search for a job.

Now I just have to think of what to call my project!


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