An Exercise in Narcissism?

Since I went off to do my summer fieldwork, and in the process of writing up my findings I’m becoming increasingly concerned that my project is an exercise in narcissism, however, my boyfriend has seen fit to reassure me that it is not, in the main because it requires self-obsession without self-awareness. I think I do believe that it is impossible to be objective, especially concerning social contexts, but my biggest fear is that my arguments will be discredited as many of my observations and judgements are based on personal reactions to the context at hand.

Self-awareness has played a large role in my fieldwork, as many other authors have commented, our actions and our behaviour subsequently affect how those around us behave and in the context of my fieldwork there are numerous areas in which I could have influenced the perspective of others. I wonder whether though it introduces bias into research this factor can be used as a vehicle for enlightenment, and whether in an academic context we have a duty to use our opinions and arguments in this way.


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