The only word in my head is AAAARGGGGH. So many things, so little time. The time is fast approaching for me to leave for my fieldwork. Not only am I going digging (excavating) but I will also be ethnographising (pretty sure that’s not a word) whilst I am there. This bit I’m not so worried. I think I’ve got a good handle on how things will go, but then again it wouldn’t be life without a little visit from serendipity. It’s just all the preparation is it or isn’t it good enough and for god’s sake have you packed enough underwear. All these little niggly things that I need to do, in not a very large amount of time, are leaving me very nervous… I never was very good at being organised (but I am trying, I use a diary now)…

All in all the last few days have made me very frustrated, whether it is just the sheer amount of laundry to do or the missing cables/charger for the video camera, and a tiny part of me would like to sack it all off and just go digging for the fun and not worry about all the other stuff. But if I did that then we’d never get anything interesting done would we…

Rant over… for now.


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