What to do with this Life of Mine?


At the moment, I probably spent too much time thinking about what I’m ‘going’ to do rather than doing what I ‘should’ be doing. It’s a massive concern of mine, preoccupies a large proportion of my brain-space, but doesn’t seem to be getting any clearer …

I feel like my career progression and planning to this point took a pretty average route. It started in toddler-hood with wanting to grow up to be a Dinosaur before swiftly switching to hoping that I would IMMINENTLY discover I was actually an alien with some predestined purpose … Sadly, after putting in many hours into my “secret” investigation and cross examining my Mother repeatedly (much to her amusement I imagine … with maybe a slice of worry in there too), I came to the realisation that I was human just like everyone else.

So, it was back to growing up to be a

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