Saving Lancashire’s Archaeology: the Lights Flicker but Don’t Go Out

Wishing that circumstances weren’t continually getting worse…


Ribchester 13 Industrial workers’ housing at Ribchester, Lancashire. The village is probably better known for its Roman remains.

On the 31st March 2016 the Lancashire County archaeological planning  advisory service closed. As Lancashire was the first local authority to appoint a county archaeologist, way back in 1963, this is a heart-wrenching moment, which may act as signal to other lcoal authorities that they too can ditch this kind of heritage planning advisory service…

…However, Joanne Smith and Peter Isles, who formerly ran the Lancashire advisory service, are in advanced discussions with the County Council to continue this service on a consultancy basis. Joanne posted on the BAJR website on 31st March 2016 that ‘We’re currently awaiting approval from the legal services team but hopefully this should be sorted soon. We’ve said we will update the record free of charge and also deal with student and public enquiries for free. We will charge commercial users and local planning authorities. We’re both…

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