I Worry about Media

Also her drawings are just amazeballs!


IF there is a prize for most random and irrelevant feature images on blog posts … I want to win it … Little Hint There …

Bias Bias everywhere! Where it comes from, no one cares?!

So recently, there’s been a number of interesting articles in the news about “Why I Love my PhD” … On the surface, I love these articles – in a different way to my PhD (; …

I love how they put PhD research “out there” in an accessible way and convey their passion so that it’s tangible.

I dislike how 2-D they are and can’t help but feel that this may hinder others on their journey in a similar way to how social media makes you think everyone deals with life better than you … BUT, would any of us write about our mental health and our PhDs in a way that’s…

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