Catching up on Life

I haven’t done a blog post in a while, and it’s certainly not making itself a habit as yet in my quest to become the version of me I want to be. On the other hand I’ve made a lot of other changes. Given the project I want to do over summer, there is the potential I will have to do a lot of writing on a daily basis, either handwritten or typed, and so I have actually been trying to make a go of writing more, just not on here. Eventually I do want this blog to become more archaeologically focused, but getting over the fear of what will happen if I put words out in the ether is taking a while…

I’m making some good changes though, but not all at once! One day I will give up smoking, and conquer my issues with productivity but for now it’s all about exercise, and mental health (and finishing my MA). I’ve started going jogging/running 3 or 4 times a week and going to bootcamp sessions with ParkLives in the park next door. And you know what it sucks, but when I’ve spent a few days not doing anything other than sitting in front of my computer the need to move and get out in the fresh air is overwhelming. Rather unreasonably, for someone who dislikes exercise intensely, the happiness in completing a session and getting out some of the stiffness from sitting down all the time is really, really helping to stabilise my mood. Or that could just be because my boyfriend is reminding me on a regular basis to take my medication…

I’ve been trying to exercise more regularly for a while now, but getting a habit pinned down is one of the most difficult things, especially with exercise as you have to work up to it. Not to mention I’m asthmatic and I smoke… well, one thing at a time,.eh? Talking about my mental health on here is not something I’m actually keen to do, not because it’s not important or I’m worried that people will shame me, but as I am managing my depression and anxiety better, I want to try and minimise how they define me as a person. In a bad place, there is nothing but these things, everything else is ignored to my detriment in service to “the black dog”. Anything I am or want to be disappears, and so I in the process of “getting well” I want to focus more on that person I kept wishing I was (more like the person below), and finding ways to make that happen. Starting with getting fitter and being more productive and invested in my MA. Only then can I get down to the serious business of you know, actually talking to people about all things interesting in archaeology today.223336_10150583392495111_158165_n


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