The Humanity Robot


The worst thing about feeling like aRobotbut not actually being one is possibly that you can’t just submit yourself for maintenance or refurbishment with a 30 day return policy if you’re not happy with the results.

Today is not a day I’m going to be putting up there with the successes of my life. Most oftoday has been spent sitting in the middle of my floor wishing I had the energy to drag myself into bed so I can cry under the comfort of my duvet. i.e. unable to see how my room has been a brilliant indicator of my mental state recently …

… because it seemed soSudden.

But with hindsight, it’s not. I’ve slipped back into the cycle again. The one that goes: I’m getting better! yay yay yay!!! Now I can be “normal” again and functional like all the “normal” people … Wait…

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